[Pmwiki-users] upload feature

Dawn Green green at thunderdata.com
Thu Apr 17 18:57:28 CDT 2003

I like the upload so far.  Here are some questions/thoughts.

Is there a way to set the image tags in terms of dimensions, alt tags, or

Do you think a delete feature will ever be implemented?

I like the file attributes under Existing Attachments.  Since some sites will
be adding a lot of images, I can see some concerns ahead. I once heard a wise
man named Patrick once say that people will use whatever disk space you give
them so limits must be imposed.  I'd like to see the total size of all files
at the top of the list converted to megabytes.  I'd also like to see a limit
on total disk space used for uploads with perhaps a warning when file limits
are being approached or even a lock if it reaches that limit.  

And finally, these lists could get very long.  Culling files could be very
tedious.  It would seem useful to have some sort of category arrangement or a
marker of some sort to show files that would be periodically replaced.  I
think that the over write would help here.  What about an alphabetized list? 
I realize that without a delete feature, the admins would be performing that
function and the users would have to be able to tell which files can be


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