[Pmwiki-users] http references as footnotes

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Sun Apr 13 17:19:32 CDT 2003


Also, I have a few ideas for URL footnotes...

Thus, since the link-formatting subroutine can be redefined, it's also
possible to use this routine to save a list of all of the URL references
encountered while generating the page. =20

This list could then be placed in the document somewhere,
How did you envisage this would happen? This is where I got stuck with the =
[^footnotes^] markup and decided it was up to the author to insert a [^#^] =
where s/he wanted the list of footnotes to go. This approach isn't =
suitable for Printable Version.
 or even added to the output of $PageFooterFmt.
But depending on how pressing your needs are, you might want to wait on=20
this a week or so because I've got a few ideas about improving the=20
overall header/footer processing provided by pmwiki.php...

I try to let pmwiki.php do as much of the work as possible. So Printable =
Version, for example, sets a few variables then hands control back. My =
thinking for creating a list of endnotes was to do something like (if this =
is possible):

$UrlLinkTextFmt =3D "<cite>\$LinkText</cite> <sup>[" . EndNotes("\$Url") . =

to create the list, then...

Have $PageFooterFmt include a call to EndNotes("*") to release the list, =
suitable marked up. At worst, I would have to redefine the PageFooterFmt =

So it sounds as if I should wait a while. Patrick, thank you for your =
patience -- I clearly underestimated the number of hooks that something so =
ostensibly simple could get caught on!


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