[Pmwiki-users] http references with : in the link

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Sun Apr 13 01:50:51 CDT 2003

Getting there and looking good...
A bug:
[[ThisWiki:/Group/Page text]] works correctly, but ThisWiki:/Group/Page =
isn't picking up the group and page reference.

A difference:
The standard configuration thiswiki.php expects ThisWiki:/Group/Page, =
whereas the local version of=20
     $LinkPatterns["\\bThisWiki:($UrlPathPattern)"] =3D=20
       "<a href=3D'$ScriptUrl/\$1'>\$0</a>";
expects ThisWiki:Group/Page (ie no / after :). Which markup is the =
preferred one? I assume I should follow thiswiki.php.

A confused administrator:
I tried doing
     $LinkPatterns["\\bThisWiki:($UrlPathPattern)"] =3D=20
       "<a class=3D'thiswiki' href=3D'$ScriptUrl/\$1'>\$0</a>";
but the resulting html omits the class=3D'thiswiki' bit. So either I'm =
doing something stupid, have missed something obvious or there is =
something going on that I don't understand...
John Rankin

I've taken a slightly different approach.  $UrlLinkFmt works as before, =
I've also defined a $UrlLinkTextFmt which is the replacement text to be
used whenever [[http://... text]] is given.  If not set, $UrlLinkTextFmt
is the same as $UrlLinkFmt.

Thus, for your application, I'd set:

  $UrlLinkFmt =3D "<a href=3D'\$Url' class=3D'url'>\$LinkText</a>";
  $UrlLinkTextFmt =3D=20
    "<cite>\$LinkText</cite> [<a href=3D'\$Url' class=3D'url'>\$Url</a>]";

She's right!!

Also, I have a few ideas for URL footnotes, but before I get into those=20
(may take me a few days with my current schedule) let me just comment=20
that it's possible for a WikiAdministrator to completely redefine the=20
link formatting routines.  I.e., if someone doesn't like the way that=20
FmtUrlLink currently works, then just write a new function for the=20
desired behavior and set the $FmtUrlLink variable to the name of=20
the function. =20

Will offer thoughts on this once I have organised them...


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