[Pmwiki-users] Re: Need help with markup

Jessica Tishmack jessica at cbi.tamucc.edu
Tue Oct 15 16:26:12 CDT 2002

I definitely like the [[stuff]] over the =stuff.  It's much cleaner 


> One thing I dislike about the =cell syntax is that it's harder to do
> attribute processing.  In other words, with [[cell]] I can do:
> 	[[cell align=center]] First cell
> 	[[cell align=left]] Second cell
> 	[[cell width=200]] Third cell
> 	[[endtable]]
> but with =cell I must do:
> 	=cell align=center
> 	First cell
> 	=cell align=left
> 	Second cell
> 	=cell width=200
> 	Third cell
> 	=endtable
> Somehow I think the first one looks a bit better to me.
> Is this all a slippery slope sort of proposition...?
> Pm

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