[pmwiki-users] Custom block link : <a href...>short html code rather than strict text link</a>

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Fri Oct 15 09:13:46 PDT 2021

Indeed, this is not possible with core PmWiki markup.

In the past, the HTML standards required links to be inline elements 
which could not contain block-level elements like paragraphs or 

So in PmWiki markup, you can have 2 links, one in the heading, the other 
in the text like this:

!!!!! [[my link|Title]]
[[my link|Some text]]

Or you can have a specially formatted and styled link text like this:

[[my link| %h5% Title %% Some text]]

then you style .h5 in your pub/css/local.css, for example:

.h5 {
   display: block;
   font-weight: bold;
   font-size: 105%;

This will work well in <ul> lists for menus and navigation. I'd go with 
this solution id I needed the feature.

Finally, and as usual, you can define your own markup rule to do this. 
For example:

   Markup('blocklink', 'directives',
     '/^\\(:blocklink(end|)(?: (.*?))?:\\)/',
   function FmtBlockLink($m) {
     if($m[1]) return "<:block></a>";
     return "<:block>".Keep("<a ".PQA($m[2]).">");

Then in a wiki page, you type:

(:blocklink href="https://www.pmwiki.org" class=myclass:)
!!!!! Title
Some text


On 15/10/2021 14:09, ABClf wrote:
> Something I don't know how to do with pmwiki markup, if doable,
> is having an html output like that :
> <a href="my link" class="myclass">
>       <h5>Title</h5>
>       <p>Some text</p>
>   </a>
> (in order to have the full block working as a link, for easy click in
> bootstrap-like list, and benefit of link's style).
> In other words, have some html code embedded in <a> and </a> (not the
> sole text link).
> I believe I can not use regular [[linkadress|linktext]] markup for 
> doing that.
> Thank you,
> Gilles.

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