[pmwiki-users] Page with many lines goes blank

Johan Bengtsson elijah at chalmers.se
Tue Oct 12 07:26:05 PDT 2021


We have a strange little problem with a large page in one of our wikis.
The page in question is 3000+ lines of code long. When adding one more line 
and saving it results in a blank page. Removing the line restores the page, it 
seems the wiki-code is OK, it is just some of the html that is not being 

I pasted the code into another wiki with a different skin, that worked.
It seems it is not the size of the page that is the problem but the number of 
of lines.

The skin in the non-working wiki is "pmwiki-responsive".

The code for the page is simple:


! ChangeLog for SCCM Applications and Programs (CDAv2)

  2021-10-08: Created Application for Dolphin EasyReader
[+ thousands of more lines like the one above]

Any clue to why this is happening?

-Johan Bengtsson

Systemadministratör - Chalmers IT-avdelning
Tel: 6734  https://www.chalmers.se/it

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