[pmwiki-users] link in brackets

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Apr 13 04:49:10 PDT 2021

When markup rules are ambiguous, you can use the "null-space" [==] as a 

   [[==][[link|text]] page 3]

Or, you can escape the first bracket which is not part of the markup 

   [=[=][[link|text]] page 3]

In a similar fashion, mixed/glued markup for bold, italics, small and 
large where the markup engine may not guess which apostrophe relates to 
which markup, you may separate them with the null-space to become 

See a few examples, not fixed:


On 13/04/2021 13:28, walter keller wrote:
> I wanted to bracket a link by writing
>     [[[link|text]] page 3] and hoping to get [text page 3]
> it didn't work, because it was interpreted as an invalid link "[link".

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