[pmwiki-users] Include GroupFooter from another page

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Apr 11 11:15:26 PDT 2021

GroupHeader and GroupFooter are always related to the currently browsed 

If your GroupFooter shows PageTextVariables from the pages, then indeed 
{*$:Variable} refers to the currently browsed page, not to the included 
page. In fact, GroupFooter is just another included page at the bottom 
of the current page, from the current group, it is never considered part 
of the included pages.

Depending on the complexity of your GroupFooter, you may be able to 
achieve what you want by manually including the GroupFooter with a 
"basepage=" argument, possibly twice:

Something like:
(:include Page1:)
(:include GroupFooter basepage=Page1:)

(:include Page2:)
(:include GroupFooter basepage=Page2:)

If it is a different group, use Group.Page1 and Group.GroupFooter.



On 09/04/2021 17:07, david at ellendee.co.uk wrote:
> I am attempting to include 2 pages into a third page. Each of the 
> original
> pages display using data in the page and template from the GroupFooter.
> The part of the page which displays using the GroupFooter does not 
> display
> when included. Is there any way around this?  I suppose this mis 
> attempting
> to use 2 levels of include?

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