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Steve Glover Steve.Glover at jisc.ac.uk
Tue Sep 1 10:24:43 PDT 2020


I have a website with several different groups of pages, each group with their own skin / template, with the templates holding more than one individual PmWiki file - navigation bars, sidebars, main text and a header - but where the main text file may contain a template pulling in the results of a search

I've noticed that the default print skin works for displaying simple pages containing, say,  a header, a navigation bar, the main body and a footer, in that it displays the main body but not the "extras" - and up to now this has been quite useful because people tend to only want to print the useful content.

However, I've been looking at making the site more accessible, and it struck me that the print skin is most of the way there, for the pages it works for (I'd need to put the extra inclusions back in, of course). All goes well, until I hit a page that's based on several included PmWiki files or that contains a blog template.

Is there a way that I could have a different default print skin for each group or for unusually complex individual pages, please?


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