[pmwiki-users] Macros for PmWiki?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun May 3 13:59:16 PDT 2020

We have something like this, we call it include a section (template) 
with variables, see


For example, you can have a hidden section [[#macro]] in the page like 

(:if false:)
(:video {$$fname}.mp4 poster={$$fname}.jpg:)

Then to insert the macro you include it:

(:include #macro fname=MyVideo:)

(:include #macro fname=OtherVideo:)

(:include #macro fname=ThirdVideo:)

The markup in the template can be more complex, you can have more 

The template can also be a separate page, especially if it is included 
from more than one page.

   (:include Page fname=MyVideo date="May 3, 2020" size=8mb:)

The template section may contain markup expressions, wikistyles or any 
other markup (except anchors*). I'd probably try for the caption:

   {(asspaced "{$$fname}")}

which would output "My Video" instead of "MyVideo"

See also $MaxIncludes in the documentation.


*) You can have anchors in the included section but then the directive 
needs to specify both the first and the last anchors like (:include 

On 03/05/2020 22:31, Michael Eager wrote:
> Does PmWiki have any kind of a macro facility, where a page would
> define a macro and use it multiple times on the page?
> My use case would be to have a page which contains multiple links to
> videos in a table.  Using the VideoAttach recipe, each link would have
> the file name of the video, the file name of the picture to display
> (replacing the video file's extension with .jpg), and the caption,
> which is again the file name of the video.  That's a lot of tedious
> repetition.

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