[pmwiki-users] Display Google Photos albums and single photos

Moni Kellermann kellerfrau at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 04:33:22 PDT 2020


Quite some time ago I had tried out
https://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/PmGallery, as I wanted to integrate 
Picasa albums into pmwiki. Google has since nuked Picasa, so there is 
only Google Photos now, but with a very similar functionality. As a 
Google account comes with a nice amount of Cloud space, I would like to 
give it another try.

I have several albums on Google Photos where I would like to use 
pmgallery OR ANYTHING ELSE that does the trick, i.e. displaying the 
Google Photos album cover, as well as the single pics on single pages - 
but please: no slideshow or carousel. Which is something pmgallery was 
able to do.

What's worse now is that Picasa easily allowed embedding whereas Google 
Photos doesn't offer this out of the box anymore.

I have no idea whether the old pmgallery can be updated/rewritten etc. 
but I would be grateful if someone could look into this.

BTW, if anyone needs a Google Photos album link to mess around with: 

Thanx! :)

moni k.

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