[pmwiki-users] Markup removal?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Jan 15 03:10:15 PST 2020

On 15/01/2020 02:31, david at ellendee.co.uk wrote:
> I have, at the start of 1 line a piece of text "Q:1/4=120" - part of an 
> notation page.
> It is being translated to "</p><p class='question'>1/4=120</p><p>" by 
> the
> wiki engine.
> Is there any easy way to counteract this? A markup sequence perhaps.

Yes, this is the Questions and Answers Q:/A: markup.

If you are using some addon to process the ABC notation, it needs to be 
run before the "^Q:" markup -- contact the developer of the addon.

If the ABC notation is just plain text in the page, you can wrap it with 
the escape sequence [=...=] like this:


Or even precede it with the null sequence:

   [==] Q:1/4=120

It is also possible to disable the Q:/A: markups. This will also apply 
to the documentation in the PmWiki/ group, and possibly elsewhere. In 

   DisableMarkup('^Q:', '^A:');


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