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Robert Riebisch rr at bttr-software.de
Sat Jan 11 15:40:09 PST 2020


> Based on the cases you listed, you can use this pattern:
>    $ROEPatterns["/(\\(:FIXME:\\)|(?<![\t])\\bFIXME\\b)/"] = '(:FIXME:)';

Works for me.

Interestingly it doesn't work on <https://regex101.com/>.
(:FIXME:) is still matched, although it should not.
regex101 correctly identifies the negative lookbehind, probably doesn't
really support it.

(<https://regexr.com/> does not support negative lookbehind at all and
notifies about that.)

> Or the same broken into pieces, one with comments:
>    $ROEPatterns["/(
>      \\(:FIXME:\\)  # existing
>      |              # or
>      (?<![\t])      # not preceded by tab
>        \\bFIXME\\b  # between non-word characters
>      )/x"] = '(:FIXME:)';

I use this one now.

> I would advise enabling the "Preview changes" feature and pressing 
> "Preview" to see how this behaves and to make sure nothing is forgotten 
> or replaced by mistake.

Enabling the preview function is one of my first actions in newly
installed PmWikis.
Happy, it moved to core. :-)

Thanks for caring all the time about me!

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