[pmwiki-users] Fixme icon

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Fri Jan 10 01:03:22 PST 2020

On 10/01/2020 01:23, Robert Riebisch wrote:
> Now I wish to apply "vertical-align: middle;" to that icon.
> I tried different variants, but it won't work:
> 	Markup('FIXME', 'directives', '/\\(:FIXME:\\)/', "(:div
> class=icon:)$PubDirUrl/fixme.gif\"FIXME\"\n(:divend:)");
> This shows the icon + a trailing "(:divend:)" in PmWiki preview. :-(
> I'll also take other solutions, of course.

I would only add to pub/css/local.css the styles like this:

   img[src$="fixme.gif"] { vertical-align: middle; }

If your markup produces line breaks that need to be processed again by 
the markup engine (like the divend needs to be start-of-line to work), 
you need to either do it before the "split" rule, or have a function 
that calls the function PRR().

In your case the former is easy, instead of 'directives' use '<split' as 
a second argument. For the latter, see PmWiki:CustomMarkup and 
PmWiki:Functions or some existing addon.


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