[pmwiki-users] Using attached file names in a pagelist or similar

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Feb 1 16:21:46 PST 2020

On 01/02/2020 23:26, Simon wrote:
> I have go a number of uploaded files on a wiki page that when clicked 
> on I
> want to open with a specific external website with the file name as a
> parameter.
> e.g. https://example.com/displaygpx=example.gpx
> Has anyone any suggestions on how this could be achieved?

You mean besides writing the actual links?

InterMap prefix? In Site.InterMap:
   Gpx:    https://example.com/displaygpx=

then in a wiki page
   [[Gpx:example.gpx|click here to view a GPX whatever it might be]]

Include section with a parameter?
   [[https://example.com/displaygpx={$$f}|Review {$$f}]]
   (:inlcude #gpxlink f=example.gpx :)

Custom markup adapted from (:attachlist:)
   [...someone needs to write it...]

BTW if it may be possible to add to Cookbook:Ape a way embed the maps 
with the traces in your page if the external service allows this.


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