[pmwiki-users] Show and Hide Sidebar Items to AuthUser Group

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Dec 31 03:22:41 PST 2020

On 30/12/2020 19:00, Jamie Ward wrote:
> Very new to all of this. So I want to build my Wiki, and keep all the
> help and Basics stuff in the sidebar such as Initial Setup Tasks.
> But I don’t want my contributing authors to see any of that. I just
> want them to see the pages that they are working on.
> Is there a way to hide sidebar sections from user types?
> So only @admin could see the PMWiki and pmwiki.org sections.
> @authors could see the sections we are working on, say Chapter 1,
> Chapter 2, and the subsections.

You can use a conditional in the SideBar, something like this (indented 
for clarity):

(:if auth admin:)
   This is shown to the wiki administrator,
   as defined in $DefaultPasswords['admin'].
   See documentation at PmWiki/PasswordsAdmin.

(:if auth edit SiteAdmin.SiteAdmin:)
   Same as above, only the administrator
   can read or edit the SiteAdmin group.

(:if auth edit Chapters.Chapter1:)
   This section is shown to people who can edit
   [[Chapters.Chapter1]]. You can configure
   it to people in the @authors group,
   see PmWiki/Passwords and PmWiki/AuthUser.

Then you place the links to publicly accessible pages outside of the 

See PmWiki/ConditionalMarkup.

> And non-logged-in users would only see pages that are designated
> complete. So I guess there would be an @public user group or something
> and as pages were completed, we’d grant access to them.

Or, you can go without a @public user group -- if you can, simply allow 
reading to anyone without complicating the set.

> Its not high-security so I don’t think we need to prevent people from
> accessing pages via direct link. Just to only show in the sidebar, the
> things I want the groups to see

I assume when a page is "complete" and ready to go public, someone will 
edit the sidebar and remove the link from the conditional section and 
place it outside of the conditional section.


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