[pmwiki-users] Fix PHP compatibility bugs in HG

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Apr 22 12:11:49 PDT 2020

On 22/04/2020 20:12, Michael Eager wrote:
> Attached is a fix for errors in HG when run under PHP-7.2.11.

I placed a link on the recipe page to your message at the list archive.

I cannot suggest that you or someone else take over the maintenance, 
because the author has not released the recipe under a license allowing 
modification and redistribution.

> I am not quite sure of the change of the Markup('hgbreadcrumb'...
> from >var to <block.  This appears to work, though.

There is no "var" entry in the core, so ">var" would not work since 
PmWiki 2.2.0-beta46 (2007-05-19). I see that the last version of the 
recipe is from 2007-03-07 which is earlier.

There is a markup rule "{$var}" early in the processing, maybe the 
author meant to use ">{$var}". Or maybe there is another recipe that 
defines a "var" entry.

Previously, the markup rules with undefined "$when" arguments were 
processed but I'm not sure when -- in this case it appears that it would 
be processed at the beginning.

It depends if the markup rule outputs more PmWiki markup to be processed 
at a later point: in that case it does and needs to be processed before 
the other markup rules (links), or the function needs to call PRR() to 
restart the processing.


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