[pmwiki-users] Link to random page/article

Robert Riebisch rr at bttr-software.de
Thu Nov 28 05:02:34 PST 2019

Hi Petko,

> You can use a custom pagelist template that redirects to the random 
> page:
>    (:pagelist fmt=#redirect count=1 order=random list=normal:)
>    [@
>    [[#redirect]]
>    (:redirect {=$FullName} quiet=1:)
>    [[#redirectend]]
>    @]
> See $EnableRedirectQuiet if you want to remove the link "Redirected from 
> Main.RandomPage".

Great! I use this now.

I'm impressed over and over again, what a powerful tool PmWiki is.
(If one knows, how to use it correctly.)

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