[pmwiki-users] Fox forms and notify issues

Hans design at bracker.uk
Wed Nov 20 03:04:34 PST 2019

>> In order that Fox default messages are not displayed, set
>> in config:
>>    $EnableFoxDefaultMsg = false;
>> Alternatively you could set parameters foxsuccess="..." and
>> foxfailure="..." in the (:fox formname .. :) markup directive
>> to some message of your choice.
>> See https://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/FoxDocumentation/MarkupParameters

> I'll give that a try.  I was also thinking of adding a entry for captch
> in the list that (:foxcheck:) uses.

you could also use the markup (:if captcha:), as the documentation
(:if captcha:)
%green%Captcha succeeded%%
%red%Captcha failed%%

But I do not understand, why you see a captcha fail message and info
about fox posting to a target page, via (:foxmesage:)
If captcha is configured correctly, for someone who is allowed to make
additions via a fox form, but has no edit permission, then
you should see only this fox message:
  Error: Missing or wrong Captcha Code!

This message is generated in fox.php in the function FoxSecurityCheck,
when an Abort of the fox process is triggered by a call to IsCaptcha()
returning not true, or 0. So the FoxSecurityCheck fails and th ewhole
processing is abandoned at that point, leading to no other messages
about success or failure of form submission.

If you do not see the message "Error: Missing or wrong Captcha Code!"
when submitting after entering a wrong code, then you got the
configuration of Captcha required wrong somehow.

The above (:if captcha:)... code in the page may help to see how
Captcha behaves. If you set $FoxDebug = 2; at the beginning of fox.php
and make a form submission with wrong captcha, you should see the
process stops at FoxSecurityCheck>
If it carries on to FoxProcessTargets> and more and finally to
 SAVE PAGE, then you got the configuration wrong somehow.

Best regards,

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