[pmwiki-users] DefaultGroup bug?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Nov 19 14:08:57 PST 2019

PmWiki will try to find the page a visitor requests from the 
?n=Something query string, or from the /Something path in the URL (if 

If no query string is passed, ie the user opens just index.php or 
pmwiki.php, then it will directly return the variable $DefaultPage.

If it is not defined, it will define it as "$DefaultGroup.$DefaultName".

So in your case, you'd better set:

   $DefaultPage = "Home.Home";


For the wiki home page, when the wiki is accessed without ?n=Something 
or in case of pathinfo /Something
On 19/11/2019 22:45, Robert Riebisch wrote:
> and just doing $DefaultGroup = 'Home'; there, I receive 'The page ""
> doesn't exist. (Create Home.HomePage).', when opening
> <https://{host}/pmwiki-2.2.122/pmwiki.php>.
> This will remain, even if I create "Home.Home".
> Why does PmWiki not lookup "Home.Home" before "Home.HomePage"?
> It does so, when I click on the group link "Home /".

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