[pmwiki-users] Prevent the "html" elements of returned values from pagelist

Christopher Cox ccox at endlessnow.com
Sat Nov 16 19:54:27 PST 2019

Is there any way to just have the values and not the html from a pagelist (as in 
what gets returned in the page source)?

<div class='fpltemplate'><pclass='vspace'>['Sales', 174], </p> 
<pclass='vspace'>['Development', 46], </p> <pclass='vspace'>['IT', 116], </p> 
<pclass='vspace'>['Customer Support', 145], </p> <pclass='vspace'>['HR', 21], 
</p> <pclass='vspace'>['Product Management', 28], </p> 
<pclass='vspace'>['Finance', 35], </p> </div> Instead, I'd like just: 
['Development', 46], ['IT', 116], etc...

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