[pmwiki-users] Using the Mini Recipe - Broken ?

Philippe Krait philippe at krait.net
Mon May 6 18:16:50 PDT 2019


I'm trying to use the "Mini" Recipe again as it has always worked well in
the past. I have also changed the environment, I'm now hosted instead of
using my own server, which might make a difference.

Anyway, the problem is that it still works to display existing minis on
existing pages, but the script seems to be broken as it does not generate
new minis for new pictures. Everything else seems to work, the links are
there and the image display works, but I get the "unknown" image box
instead of the minis, normal as they are not being generated.

I have tried looking at the code but unfortunately, it's a bit too advanced
for me, I don't know how the minis are generated and when, it might be
linked to the "action=mini" that I don't truly understand either.

Anyway, suggestions would be appreciated as this is a really great and
simple recipe. I am using the latest version site, downloaded it yesterday
to be sure.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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