[pmwiki-users] Redirect from page with cyrillic name doesn't work

Mikhail Ustinov mike_bruin at mail.ru
Tue Mar 19 06:49:05 PDT 2019


I have a site with cyrillic letters in names of pages.

Redirect (markup (:redirect:)) from such page doesn't work.

I receive something like "The page 
D0A1D0BbD183D0B6D0B5D0B1D0BdD18bD0B5/D0A2D0B5D181D1821 not found".

But in quiet mode all works properly.

When I set $EnableRedirect=0, I see something like

Redirect to 

It seems that function RedirectMarkup or sometheng else does not convert 
$pagename with cyrillic symbols to UTF8 or loose the "%" symbol.

Mike Ustinov

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