[pmwiki-users] Skin Creation?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Jul 31 03:38:42 PDT 2019

To make things worse, PmWiki:WikiStyles allows people to have something 

   %p myclassname otherclass% My paragraph.

where you will get something like

   <p class="vspace myclassname otherclass">...

So you may want to take such cases into account too.

The easiest may be to just style '.vspace' and eventually 'p' without 
anything else.

In the default skins, ".vspace" is sized exactly the height of one text 
line, so if you have a table with 2 columns of text, their text lines 
stay aligned. At least this was the intention.


On 31/07/2019 12:26, Petko Yotov wrote:
> On 29/07/2019 20:25, Monte Padget wrote:
>> I'm working on a Skin idea. I want to format the paragraphs, <p></p>,
>> separate from the background. I've discovered some paragraphs in the
>> final markup of the HTML that have no visible content and are still
>> getting the format causing some unwanted visuals.
>> Ex:
>>  <p>
>> <a id='trailstart'></a>
>> </p>
>> Is there a way to force these paragraphs to contain a class type that
>> can be used?
> No. There may be a workaround but it is a lot of work. :-/
> You may be able to style paragraphs without a class name with:
>   p:not([class]), p[class=""]{
>     color: blue;
>   }
>   p:empty{ /*not sure if we have these*/
>     display:none;
>   }
>> To make it more complicated, there are some paragraphs that contain
>> content that also have nothing to distinguish them.
>> Most of the paragraphs have a class type <p class='vspace'> which is 
>> helpful.
> These "vertical space" paragraphs are converted from a double
> linebreak in the wiki code.
> Those that are not ".vspace" are usually immediately at the beginning,
> or after the end of another container (div, table, heading or other).
> Those at the beginning could be styled with
>   p:first-child {...} or more likely
>   p:first-child:not([class]), p:first-child[class=""] { ... }
> Those right after a heading could be styled with:
>   h2 + p:not([class]), h2 + p[class=""] {}
>   h3 + p:not([class]), h3 + p[class=""] {}
> etc. for h1 to h6, table, div or other PmWiki:BlockMarkups .
> Petko

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