[pmwiki-users] A decade

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Jul 23 04:21:15 PDT 2019

Thank you all for your nice words! :-)

Also thanks to:
* all who write and maintain recipes and skins,
* all who help with the documentation, translations, and website,
* all who ask questions which help us improve and to those who answer 
them :-),
* all who report errors, request features and continuously push for 
improvements to both the core and the addons!

Obviously thanks to Pm who wrote this amazingly adaptable and stable 
piece of software and released it as Free software!

Kind regards,

On 20/07/2019 04:26, Simon wrote:
> It's a bit belated, but is been a decade since Petko, in Jan 2009, took
> over the day to day work of maintaining PmWiki
> Thanks Petko for keeping PmWiki alive, and more than that updating it 
> for
> newer versions of PHP, fixing security issues, and even updating 
> recipes
> written by others.
> It's because of your hard work that I've been able to keep the websites 
> I
> maintain going and current and haven't suffered the pain of having to
> change platforms
> thanks again
> Simon
> PS also thanks for Thumblist2, for me this is the "killer add-on" that
> makes PmWiki the best and easiest platform to handle the photos on all 
> my
> websites

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