[pmwiki-users] Default NavBar on new Group-Pages.

Kirk Siqveland Technites at humeris.net
Wed Feb 13 16:25:23 PST 2019

Hello all,

I have been a longtime PMWiki user and have just released a skin I have 
developed over the years ("Steamport" - my contribution back to the 
But one thing has eluded me that I know is possible :

My design is intended to work well with groups, and once everything is 
built it works nicely.  I know that if there is not a Group Specific 
SideBar the system uses the Site.SideBar.
Is there a way for me to add my NavBar and my Right SideBar (I call it 
GroupBar) to this feature so whenever a new group is created the pages 
are still navigable with a phone or tablet?

- Kirk Siqveland
Edmonds, Washington - USA

PMWiki Sites of mine:

Steamport Skin Demo:

Scout Troop 166  (Pilot for a Troop Website hosting service)

Steam-Age Foundations Educational Program
Steam-Age.net <https://www.steam-age.net>

The Cogworks - Makerspace (Not using current version of Steamport skin yet)
theCogworks.org <https://thecogworks.org>

Another Pilot project (not active) for vintage Technology hobbyists:
Technites.wiki <http://www.technites.wiki>
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