[pmwiki-users] site wweb no more working

jdd at dodin.org jdd at dodin.org
Sat Feb 2 00:19:45 PST 2019


I use pwiki for now a very long time and I have a strange problem. I may 
solve it the hard way, rebuilding all my system, but if I could 
understand what happened it could be way faster.

In short, yesterday I suddenly noticed that my web site was no more 
working, with the main page only displaying the triad background (and a 
"hide" left button). I moved the hole wiki here where you can see it:


(this move may disturb some of the setup)

I'm the only one allowed to write on the wiki, every one being able to 
read it. I write page almost daily. pass is crypted

The rebuilt wiki is here


as you see it works pretty well, but with no of the extensions I use 

the "defaced" pmwiki install was one version late. It's managed by 
softaculous, so my first move was to update and this didn't change 
anything as you can see (the wiki.def is the updated one)

so I wonder if there is something wrong in triad? my triad version is 
pretty old (2010)

any hint appreciated,


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