[pmwiki-users] New to pmwiki - need user setup help

Scott Smith grimblefritz at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 02:51:52 PST 2019


I'm new to pmwiki. I'm working hard to get page content ready for an
internal site, which I am supposed to have working by end of day. I have
the basic install done and working. There are of course changes I'll make
down the road, but the basic PmWiki is fine for a start. I'm using the
latest version, just downloaded.

What I don't understand (yet) and am lacking time to suss out right now, is
how to

1) setup logins for users, and

2) control page view and edit access based on user.

I have four levels (eventually, groups or types) of users:


Later, I will setup individual users with logins and they will belong to
groups, but if it helps get things started I can make do with simple
roll-based logins for now.

I need 'admin' to be able to create/edit/delete any pages. Admin should
also be able to designate, for a page, who can view or edit.

Similar controls for 'manager', except manager cannot restrict admin from
viewing or editing anything.

'staff' cannot restrict either manager or admin from viewing/editing, but
can prevent 'all' from accessing pages.

'all' should be the default, no login, condition. No editing capability,
but all can view pages not restricted from them.

This is just the starting point, enough to get things rolling. As I learn
more about PmWiki I am sure I'll be able to work out a better system with
groups and access lists and so forth.

Can someone please throw me a shortcut with instructions as to how to setup
this starting point?

Thanks in advance for whatever direction you can provide.
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