[pmwiki-users] New features to be enabled in the PmWiki core

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Aug 29 12:59:24 PDT 2019


This is to let you know that I've added to the PmWiki core in Subversion 
a number of features from my own recipes/addons that are somewhat 
popular and that I see myself installing on every new wiki I create.

Because many of you already use these or similar addons, the newly added 
features will be disabled but it will be very easy to enable them from 

Here is the list:

Editing a wiki:
* PreviewChanges - this has been enabled on PmWiki.org for years, shows 
a highlighted diff in Preview mode (already added in 2.2.118).
* NotSavedWarning - signal to editors when they are moving away from the 
edit form and risk losing their changes (the Author/Summary prompts from 
the recipe are not included in the core, because now it is easy to add 
"required" attributes to the edit form fields).
* A sub-feature from NotSavedWarning scrolling to the same position when 
pressing either Preview or Save&Edit (enabled by default).
* EditHelp - predictive insertion of markup like list bullets (I use 
this a lot, especially on a mobile device).

Reading a wiki:
* DeObMail - obfuscating e-mail links for spam bots.
* PmTOC - a really basic "table of contents +/- numbered headers", 
currently a simpler subset of the AutoTOC recipe will be included in the 
core, see:

Again, these will be disabled in the default installation, but could be 
enabled as easily as adding $EnableNotSavedWarning = 1; if you decide to 
use any of them.

Other features planned for inclusion:
* PmEmbed, a subset of the Ape recipe (minus the OpenStreetMap part 
which is too complex to include in the core at this point). The main 
embedding function is light and simple and can be easily extended. As 
more people need to include videos or other media from external 
platforms, this recipe can do the job in a simple way.

Other recipes (actually their feature set) under consideration:

* DragDropMultiUpload - upload files by dropping them into the edit 
* LocalTimes - RecentChanges enhancements.
* LocalCSS - CSS in a wiki page.
* A small subset of the features of Attachtable - I use a very old fork 
with just rename/delete/restore.
* PageListMultiTargets - this allows a pagelist "link=" argument to 
accept more than one link. We should decide if "link=Page1,Page2" should 
include pages that link to *any* of the pages or to *both* pages. 
Currently it includes any of the pages, and you need to use 
"link=+Page1,+Page2" to require both pages.

* Add a set of CSS rules for editors to be able to more easily create 
nicer-looking tables -- to the default skins -- obviously other skins 
can redefine the styles of the same classname(s), like they currently do 
for the "frame" class.

You can follow the progress of this project at:


Tell me what you think. What recipes/addons do you install on your wikis 
(especially if you have installed multiple wikis)?

I am interested in features you and your editors actually use, not 
"might be nice", and that do help editors create better content with 
less effort.

See how the above recipes once configured are mostly automatic, and 
don't add new markups that people are required to learn. And they 
considerably enhance the editing experience or the webmaster's work.

Please comment.


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