[pmwiki-users] [SPAM] [SPAM] [SPAM] Re: orientation flag and images

jdd at dodin.org jdd at dodin.org
Thu Aug 8 00:16:49 PDT 2019

Le 08/08/2019 à 09:08, Petko Yotov a écrit :
> it is possible there is an omission/bug in the software and it only
> rotates the picture and not the thumbnail. It doesn't even rotate the
> picture but only changes the orientation tag.

it's likely something like this

I use openSUSE (15.0 on this computer) and only free software, but 
several of them.

Your answer is very interesting, and very useful. I didn't know the 
embedded image had a separate orientation tag nor than Firefox could use 
it :-(

many thanks, I will report to others free software I use (mostly 
digikam, but also Kim (from kde) and others



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