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J@HH Judah at hokuhouse.com
Sun Apr 28 19:32:24 PDT 2019

Thank you, Neil. 

Goodies galore! Will explore these sites to see if PmWiki is the way to go for me.

My vision is a community wiki for readers of a forthcoming book, now in revisions. 

The agent wants a specific word count, which means research I’ve done will not be in the book. Therefore, to coincide with book publication, I want to release all the unused material as a knowledge base for readers to  create accounts and contribute text and sources (same in practice as at Wikipedia). 

Can PmWiki accomplish this mission?

My primary site is in WordPress. The best wiki plugins on the WP.org site is Yada Wiki, which looks okay visually, but it's cumbersome to construct, and does not seem to allow visitors to contribute content, which if true would defeat my purpose. The only other wiki plugin at Wp.org is Encyclopedia Wiki by Dennis Hoppe (bad rep at Wp.org).

If PmWiki can do what I want done, is there a version compatible with Wordpress? If not, I can create a subdirectory for a PmWiki instillation and then pick a skin that will be visually related to my main site (or modify a skin if the coding is veeeery basic)..  

Welcoming all insights and wisdom on how to fulfill my vision

Judah Freed

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