[pmwiki-users] Localhost Farm

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Nov 12 14:55:44 PST 2018

In a farm, you should have the following structure:

* base directory pmwiki
** file pmwiki/pmwiki.php
** directory pmwiki/local
*** file pmwiki/local/farmconfig.php where you set all common 
configuration, will be loaded before individual local/config.php files.

fields: could be any directory, either (a) the same pmwiki above, or (b) 
a subdirectory like pmwiki/field, or (c) a separate directory on the 
server, for example:

* (case a) directory htdocs/pmwiki (same as above)
** file htdocs/pmwiki/index.php with content "<?php 
** directory pmwiki/local (same as above)
*** file pmwiki/local/config.php for the base wiki
** directory pmwiki/pub/skins where are the skins

* (case b) directory htdocs/pmwiki/field
** file htdocs/pmwiki/field/index.php with content "<?php 
** directory htdocs/pmwiki/field/local
*** file htdocs/pmwiki/field/local/config.php for the field
** directory htdocs/pmwiki/field/pub/skins where are the skins

* (case c) directory htdocs/otherfield
** file htdocs/otherfield/index.php with content "<?php 
** directory htdocs/otherfield/local
*** file htdocs/otherfield/local/config.php for the field
** directory htdocs/otherfield/pub/skins where are the skins for the 

("htdocs" is the document root of the XAMPP server software, may be 
"www" or something else)

See if your installation is in one of these cases, fix it otherwise, and 
report if that fixed the $WikiTitle.

About the skins of the fields, PmWiki expects the skins to be in a local 
"pub/skins/skinname" directory, not in the base 
"pmwiki/pub/skins/skinname" directory, or you could do some additional 
configuration. If you have problems with the skins, that is, if the skin 
appears to change but the browser fails to load the CSS files 
(styles/colors/icons), then you may need to set the variable $PubDirUrl 
in farmconfig.php.


On 11/11/2018 01:01, Monte Padget wrote:
> I have successfully created a farm with about half a dozen wikis
> running on a web server. I downloaded them and attempted to set them
> up locally to test some additional Cookbooks. When I tried to run,
> using XAMPP, the main Farm wiki works well, with some updates, but the
> additional ones do not. The skin is will not change for the farmed
> sites won't accept their different skin, nor will the page title. I
> tried to create a vanilla farm and found the same issue.
> main config.php
> $WikiTitle = 'Cham Wiki';
> farmconfig.php
> <?php if (!defined('PmWiki')) exit();
> $FarmPubDirUrl = '';
> Sub config.php
> <?php if (!defined('PmWiki')) exit();
>   ## Title of your farmed wiki
>   $WikiTitle = 'New Wiki';
> Both wikis show 'Cham Wiki' as the title.
> Is there a conflict with XAMPP or localhost/ What else am I 
> missing?
> Thank you.
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