[pmwiki-users] GDPR and pmwiki

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Fri May 25 21:17:41 PDT 2018

[Sorry for the delay, there were some problems with the mailing list.]

No, there is currently no way to quickly remove all instances of a 
specific author in page revisions, you can either hide all authors, or 
remove/drop all authors.

It is possible to protect the "diff" action, see FAQ at:


It is possible to hide all authors and IP addresses by setting a 
variable in config.php:

   $DiffStartFmt =
     "<div class='diffbox'><div class='difftime'><a name='diff\$DiffGMT' 
         \$[by] <span class='diffauthor' 
title='\$DiffHost'>\$DiffAuthor</span> - \$DiffChangeSum</div>";

The above is the default snippet; removing this part:

   \$[by] <span class='diffauthor' title='\$DiffHost'>\$DiffAuthor</span>

will hide the IP address \$DiffHost and the name \$DiffAuthor from the 
history listings, without dropping that information from the page data 

It is possible to drop all page history from a specific page or group, 
install the recipe ExpireDiff:


It is possible to never store history, or only for a short time, see and 
please understand the documentation for the variables $DiffKeepNum and 


BTW I keep track of the edits of individual users with a variant of this 


See also $RCLinesMax in case you have set this variable, a prolific 
editor can easily make a lot of edits and you can lose her track:


There is currently no tool/recipe to drop or pseudonymize specific 
author names, but I may have to write one for a large wiki I maintain, 
if/when some editor asks for this. Obviously, for documents with many 
co-authors like a wiki page, I am not certain how this can be done while 
at the same time the authorship and copyright are also respected, and 
the people stay accountable for the things they wrote.


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On 03/05/2018 02:53, Chuck Dee wrote:
> Pmwiki allows authors to sign an article/change.  I know that's not
> required, but I want to be prepared in case someone who did put that 
> there
> wants their information removed.  Is there any way to quickly remove 
> all
> instances of an author in revisions?

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