[pmwiki-users] Have a canonical url declaration : how to ?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Mar 4 15:04:04 CST 2018

Add this in config.php to insert a canonical link in the page header:

   if ($action == 'browse')
    $HTMLFooterFmt['canonical'] = '<link rel="canonical" 
href="{$PageUrl}" />';

If your wiki is accessible both through HTTP and HTTPS, you should 
select one of those and set correctly the $ScriptUrl variable.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'have such canonical thing if "action" 

If you want to set as canonical the base "browse" URL on ?action=edit, 
diff, upload, print and other action pages, remove the first line above.

If you want to set the action URL as a canonical URL, add after the 
above lines:

   else $HTMLFooterFmt['canonical'] =
     '<link rel="canonical" href="{$PageUrl}?action='.$action.'" />';

Note that search engines and bots are usually blocked when they try to 
access ?action=edit and similar pages.

All these canonical urls will not work well for pages where you have 
(:pagelist ... request=1:) or if you use a recipe like HttpVariables or 
MultiLanguage that take information from the URL to display different 
content. (But neither will FastCache.)


On 04/03/2018 21:13, ABClf wrote:
> Hello hello,
> I'm playing with google search console ; there I see I am missing a
> canonical url.
> Most of my pages are visible at these different url :
> http://www.mysite.com/Group/Name
> http://www.mysite.com/Group.Name
> http://www.mysite/com/pub/htmlcache/Group.Name.html
> I believe I need a link rel=canonical somewhere to make different url
> point to a unique url (avoiding duplicate content) ;
> what would be the strategy to get it done ? (note : in my special
> case, most of the pages are saved in cache using fastcache recipe to
> be served quickly on request).
> Do I have to write something in template, using Name and Group ? or
> would a dedicated script in config do better job ?
> (by the way, perhaps might be good to have such canonical thing if
> "action" pages).

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