[pmwiki-users] Rebuilding $SiteGroup.AllRecentChanges and/or $Group.RecentChanges

Robert Riebisch rr at bttr-software.de
Thu Jan 11 14:45:43 CST 2018

Hi Christopher,

>> how do I rebuild *RecentChanges after, let's say, copying in pages from
>> another PmWiki installation?
> It's more like a "log".  So you might have to copy it from another 
> system or backup and possibly even massage the data (for example if you 
> change the "logging" format and want everything uniform).

What I have in mind:
1) Loop through all the pages (per group),
2) Extract all author + csum + ctime (+ host) information per page,
3) Sort all entries by time to reconstruct the timeline.
   (Not sure, but sorting entries in RAM could be problematic for large
wiki. Dunno, if PHP cares.)
4) Write to *RecentChanges files.

Is there any such recipe?

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