[pmwiki-users] is there an vim plugin for editing web pages?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Fri Jan 5 01:58:56 CST 2018

There is a "GhostText" extension for Firefox that claims to do this:

If you edit your own wiki, there are a few programs that allow you to do 
it via command line (console/terminal) and let you configure your editor 
(including vim). I believe the first one was "pmwe", I have attached a 
GPL-licensed copy of it to this message. There are also:

I have used none of the above, maybe the people who have can comment.


On 29/12/2017 22:51, Jont Allen wrote:
> Hi
> I was using "its all text" do edit web pages on pmwiki, but they have
> changed firefox so that is no longer available.
> Is there any option to change the editor in pmwiki to use your own 
> editor?
> I use gvim (vim).
> The way that "its all text" worked is you would click on "Edit" and
> the page would start gvim. You would make the edits on your own
> computer, and then
> when you saved the results, it would appear back on the pmwiki page,
> with the changes.
> Is any other way to do this now that "its all text' is gone?
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