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Ben Stallings ben at interdependentweb.com
Sun Nov 26 14:33:03 CST 2017

 Piotr, I apologize for the delay in rewriting SelectQuery for you. As you
know, I've been working on it to your specifications for several months
now. The code was in such a state that I decided a total rewrite was
necessary, and then my health took a turn for the worse. I do have a
PHP7+PDO module capable of the basic functionality, but it may not yet have
all the features you're using. I'll take another look at your specs and get
back to you early this week.

You may also want to consider using DataQuery, which is in my opinion a
much better module that makes better use of the PmWiki API than SelectQuery
does. However, it would necessitate a total rewrite of your wikip

On 11/26/17 12:00 PM, "Piotr A. Dybczy?ski " <piotr at dybczynski.pl>
<piotr at dybczynski.pl> wrote:

Dear colleagues,

I have to make an important decision and before that I would ask you for an
advice. I want to integrate PmWiki with MariaDB using PHP7. How?

The story:

I use PmWiki for many, many years. Last summer my main server hardware
have to be retired after more than 10 years of continuous work under
Debian (last version: Wheezy).

An important part of my wiki (http://www.dybczynski.pl/Piotr and other,
non public) is a set of pages using database (currently Maria DB) as the
source of information.

I had to move my PmWiki server to a temporary place and it appeared, that
database cookbooks (Update Form and SelectQuerry) do not work under PHP7.

I had to switch them off but such a situation cannot last any longer.

In a few days I will receive a new hardware for my main server. I will
install Debian Stretch on it.

The only option I know about is to install old PHP5 on this new server. I
do not like such solutions.

My question is: could you direct me to some other way of integrating
database with PmWiki?

I need to display subsets of data basing on user selection. It would be
great to have also the possibility to modify database records by a
wiki user (this option would not be publicly available of course).

I am an experienced C programmer but have a very limited knowledge on PHP.

Thanks in advance for your help,
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