[pmwiki-users] database integration with PmWiki

Piotr A. Dybczyński piotr at dybczynski.pl
Sun Nov 26 03:02:48 CST 2017

Dear colleagues,

I have to make an important decision and before that I would ask you for an
advice. I want to integrate PmWiki with MariaDB using PHP7. How?

The story:

I use PmWiki for many, many years. Last summer my main server hardware
have to be retired after more than 10 years of continuous work under
Debian (last version: Wheezy).

An important part of my wiki (http://www.dybczynski.pl/Piotr and other,
non public) is a set of pages using database (currently Maria DB) as the
source of information. 

I had to move my PmWiki server to a temporary place and it appeared, that
database cookbooks (Update Form and SelectQuerry) do not work under PHP7.

I had to switch them off but such a situation cannot last any longer.

In a few days I will receive a new hardware for my main server. I will
install Debian Stretch on it.

The only option I know about is to install old PHP5 on this new server. I
do not like such solutions.

My question is: could you direct me to some other way of integrating
database with PmWiki?

I need to display subsets of data basing on user selection. It would be
great to have also the possibility to modify database records by a
wiki user (this option would not be publicly available of course).

I am an experienced C programmer but have a very limited knowledge on PHP.

Thanks in advance for your help,
                          dr Piotr A. Dybczyński 
 homepage: http://www.dybczynski.pl/Piotr      e-mail: piotr at dybczynski.pl

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