[pmwiki-users] Update of fox form processor

Hans design1 at softflow.uk
Tue May 23 09:01:02 CDT 2017

To all Fox users:

After about two years without changes, I have now completed
a major update of fox.php, which involved rewriting code for the
target and page processing functions, and some related functions.
With this updated version fox.php will process each target page in
turn, and for each target page process foxactions in turn and in some
order. This allows for instance a form to add and/or replace text
and/or add or modify PTVs on a target page, and/or several target
pages, at different locations, using a number of templates if needed.

Markup (:foxadd... and (:foxreplace accept foxtemplate="some template
string.." as parameter.

Fox can make change sto othe rtarget pages before opening a page for
editing, via the newedit= parameter, with some processed template text

I hope I succeeded in removing some quirky and not quite logical
behaviour in the way fox constructed target pages and processed
multiple actions.

One consequence I did not see a way to avoid, is that in the
FoxContacts recipe the form on page NewContact needs now to have
(:if ... conditional markup inserted, so that it either works as a
form to add a new contact page, or works as a form to edit an already
existing page (called via a foxedit link). Before this form managed to
do both without conditional markup (because of the way fox processed
PTVs in the same processing loop as adding text).

So if you are upgrading to this latest version, and have forms based
somewhat on the example of FoxContact's NewContact form, you need to
review those forms. FoxContacts recipe is updated as well, and you can
take a look at the form markup there.

any feedback is most welcome!

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