[pmwiki-users] Can't get WikiStylesApply or maybe even WikStylesCSS to work for html video tag also for div

Christopher Cox ccox at endlessnow.com
Wed May 17 15:07:33 CDT 2017

I'd like to do CSS style max-width on a div.

So I have:

$WikiStyleCSS[] = 'max-width';

But I can't get that to apply to a div doing %max-width=200px% <div 
etc... %%

It comes through as a span before the diff.

But if I do %width=200px% <div etc... %%

We see that getting set for the div as an html attribute <div 
width="200px"... which is maybe what we don't want, want it as a style.  
Maybe Wikistyles can't really help us here?

Also,  we'd like to be able to html attributes on a video tag... so 
you'd think that would work.  So we have:

$WikiStyleApply['vid'] = 'video';

But again, when we have %width=200px%<video ....

It comes through as a span.

We tried this:

SDV($imgTag, '(?:img|object|embed|video|div)');

But still comes through as a span.

So... maybe there isn't a good way to get a Wiki Style to be a CSS style 
vs HTML attribute, but on the latter...  is there anyway to get a Wiki 
Style get applied as an HTML attribute for the video tag?

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