[pmwiki-users] wrong summary for cookbook recipe PageAction-IconPack

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat May 6 06:29:49 CDT 2017

You had a second definition of the page text variable Summary:

    (:Summary:Contains the '[[PmWiki/AvailableActions|action]]'
      links (like Browse, Edit, History, etc.), placed at the
      top of the page, see [[PmWiki/site page actions]]:)

in the section "Step 3. Edit Site.PageActions" I removed it.

The "Summary:..." line at the top of the page is a page text variable. 
Another way to define it would be "(:Summary:...:)", and if there are 
more than one, the later ones in the page overwrite earlier ones, and 
this second format overwrites the first format.

First all "Summary:..." (if any) in the page are processed, then all 
"(:Summary:...:)" (if any) and the last value is kept. When the category 
pagelist tries to get the $:Summary page text variable, that last value 
will be shown.


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On 2017-05-06 13:07, Paul Wiegmans wrote:
> Hello,
> I added the cookbook recipe PageAction-IconPack
> However! Looking each of the category pages Layout
> and MarkupOnly, this recipes has a
> summary that does not belong to my recipe. displays not the right
> text. It displays this summary:
> Contains the 'action' links (like Browse, Edit, History, etc.),
> placed at the top of the page, see site page actions
> Somehow this summary is the one for Site.PageAction as seen at
> SpecialPages. I didn't expect this.
> How is this possible? What can I do to correct this? Is the name of my
> recipe conflicting with a builtin name? Is that is so, I am willing to
> rename it to some other safe name.

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