[pmwiki-users] Responsive skin added to core, enabled on pmwiki.org

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu May 4 18:01:19 CDT 2017

On 2017-05-04 08:56, Oliver Betz wrote:
>> In the last few days I've been working on the responsive skin for the
>> core
> ...
> Do you consider a "switch to standard view" option to get the sidebar
> displayed permanently also on smaller devices? Other responsive designs
> do so.

Not at the top of my priority list. There is a feature in mobile 
browsers, at least in Firefox and Chrome: click on the "menu (3 dots)" 
button, then select "Request desktop site" (or similar).

One of the goals for the core skin is to be easy to understand by less 
experienced admins who happen to install their first wiki. It has 
already become an order of magnitude more complex than the old skin. 
I'll leave non essential features to be added in forks of the skin.

> BTW: "Mini" is currently not so mobile-friendly (at least with the
> default ultralightbox).

I never had any difficulty, on the contrary, I feel ultralightbox being 
simpler/cleaner, leaves more screen real estate for the picture, 
compared to other lightbox clones.

Clicking on the picture will open the previous (right) or next (left) 
picture, and clicking in the background overlay will close the lightbox. 
It is probably not obvious, although most other lightbox clones work the 
same way.

It should be possible to add a few lines to your pub/css/local.css to 
increase the size of the arrows for mobile screens.

Alternatively, you may choose to disable ultralightbox and let the 
visitor use the interface of her browser (buttons, gestures).


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