[pmwiki-users] using several domains

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sat Mar 25 05:29:44 CDT 2017


I have several domains names that I use mostly when I have to move a 
server, to run the new server and test it

my main domain name is dodin.org and opens to pmwiki.

I have also dodin.info and dodin.me

dodin.me is now the server I try to setup to replace the old one.

no problem.

apache2 is setup to accept any tld (org, info or me), but some of the 
addresses in pmwiki (external ones) are not

is there a variable that gives only the domain name?

so, for example, an url could be http://{domainname}/data/file and open 
on the original site as http://dodin.org/data/file and on the new one as 

The interwiki system could works, but needs editing the config file on 
any version, and my last work is most of the time to make a rsync that 
remove any changed file on ne new server (of course I do this only on 
the htdocs folder)


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