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Tami Hawes (PERA) tami.hawes at mnpera.org
Wed Mar 22 07:06:55 CDT 2017

Is it possible to make an image a link? How do you do that?

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PmWiki does create an <img/> tag with the URL that ends in ".png", look at the HTML source of your page.

However, the domain clustrmaps.com is in at least one blacklist for ad servers, and if your browser uses an ad-blocker, or if you use the syndicated "/etc/hosts" file entries, chances are you will not be able to see the picture.

Same for any visitor that uses some protection against ads.

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On 2017-03-22 09:42, Simon wrote:
> I've got a url that displays as an image when pasted into the browser
> address bar, but I can't get to display as an image in a wiki page,
> https://clustrmaps.com/map_v2.png?d=3BoA1T1e_A5tL3Z5ro9ypO_Nf2SqCk31ab
> H9iEMzDxM&cl=ffffff
> I've tried the old
> tricks[<http://kiwiwiki.nz/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Aotearoa/HomePage>]
> https://clustrmaps.com/map_v2.png?d=3BoA1T1e_A5tL3Z5ro9ypO_Nf2SqCk31ab
> H9iEMzDxM&cl=ffffff#.png
> https://clustrmaps.com/map_v2.png?d=3BoA1T1e_A5tL3Z5ro9ypO_Nf2SqCk31ab
> H9iEMzDxM&cl=ffffff&format=.png
> or even
> http://clustrmaps.com/map_v2.png?d=3BoA1T1e_A5tL3Z5ro9ypO_Nf2SqCk31abH
> 9iEMzDxM&cl=ffffff#.png
> http://clustrmaps.com/map_v2.png?d=3BoA1T1e_A5tL3Z5ro9ypO_Nf2SqCk31abH
> 9iEMzDxM&cl=ffffff&format=.png
> all work in a browser address bar, but PmWiki isn't taking the hint,
> any suggestions?

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