[pmwiki-users] skins and RTL wikis

Hans design1 at softflow.uk
Tue Jun 13 11:08:43 CDT 2017

> So I got three different possibilities to set a PHP variable for modifying the
> skin for RTL. Setting a config variable seems the cleanest way.
> But I like to release a skin update, which will then just work in
> group PmWikiAr and PmWikiFa

I had no reply to my questions, so I went ahead regardless and
uploaded a new version of the Amber skin with full RTL support.
It incorporates a number of ways to switch to RTL:

Setting $EnableRTL = 1;
  I hope this variable can be used by other skins as well

Setting the $HTMLTagAttr variable to lang='ar' or 'fa', 'he' or 'ur'
  the four main LTR language codes for Arabic, Farsi (Persian),
  Hebrew and Urdu. An array $RTLLanguages can be customised for other
  languages to be included.

A setting of $HTMLStylesFmt['rtl'] will also trigger a switch to RTL,
but the skin sets all rcss rules needed for RTL via its skin-rtl.css
style sheet.

Further I added an integration with the MultiLanguagesViews recipe,
which will set $HTMLTagAttr accordingly, and trigger a switch to RTL
if the page contains RTL text.

see http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Skins/Amber


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