[pmwiki-users] problem with pagelist and RTL search terms

Hans design1 at softflow.uk
Thu Jun 8 07:13:46 CDT 2017

> I found a problem with pagelist not finding RTL search terms in pages.
> xlpage-utf-8.php is included, UTF-8 characters showing and correctly
> saving.

After a lot of digging and testing, I found that the problem is caused
by function PageIndexGrep() or something related there. I am not sure
what. But deleting the .pageindex will do the trick, and seemingly
allow RTL search terms to be added to the index correctly (I hope).

Without deleting .pageindex searches for RTL  terms did not work,
unless I commented out the code line
   $indexterms = PageIndexTerms($incl);
within function PageListTermsTargets(). Then the search succeeded, but
function PageIndexGrep($indexterms, true) was not called, because
$indexterms was not created.

Perhaps something can be fixed, so RTL terms can be searched in all
cases, without needing to delete the .pageindex file?


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