[pmwiki-users] New addon: Lightweight WYSIWYG editor

Moni Kellermann kellerfrau at gmail.com
Sat Jul 29 03:50:47 CDT 2017

Am 28.07.2017 um 14:32 schrieb Petko Yotov:
>    http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Worse
> Comments, ideas, bug reports will be welcome.

This is a great add-on for pmwiki users who don't feel safe to use the 
standard edit page! Thank you, Petko, for coding this :))

As some of my clients now use cell phones most of the time, and as they 
may read some text (which is already there) but want to make some minor 
corrections, I assume that they would access the editor on a mobile browser.

So I tested Opera on a 5.5" Android 6.0 w/Full HD screen and Opera and 
Firefox on a 6.0" Android 6.0 w/HD screen. On both devices and in all of 
these browsers the "edit" and "save" buttons were displayed to the right 
of the text area form and only visible if you scrolled the whole page to 
the right - which is something we will instinctively do because we know 
the buttons _are_ there. But you can bet that a user who is not familiar 
with editing will claim later "It didn't work, there was no 'save' button".

Can we have the buttons _below_ the text area form when displayed on a 
mobile browser the same way as it works on a desktop browser?

moni k.

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