[pmwiki-users] is there an vim plugin for editing web pages?

Jont Allen jont1 at mimosaacoustics.com
Fri Dec 29 15:51:04 CST 2017

I was using "its all text" do edit web pages on pmwiki, but they have 
changed firefox so that is no longer available.
Is there any option to change the editor in pmwiki to use your own editor?
I use gvim (vim).
The way that "its all text" worked is you would click on "Edit" and the 
page would start gvim. You would make the edits on your own computer, 
and then
when you saved the results, it would appear back on the pmwiki page, 
with the changes.

Is any other way to do this now that "its all text' is gone?

Thank you,


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