[pmwiki-users] quoted text markup

Hans design1 at softflow.uk
Sat Sep 24 02:48:07 CDT 2016

Saturday, September 24, 2016, 12:39:15 AM, Simon wrote:
> IMHO and after a look at
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/MarkupMasterIndex, I would suggest
> to keep on using the prefix/suffix pattern that emerges in the
> "Character format" section, and chosse one of:

The inline markups for <em>emphasised</em> and <strong>strong</strong>
are not asymetric:
'''''strong emphasised'''''.

In my proposal one could use the double quote in a similar way as one
can use the single quote now:
'this is not marked and shows single quotes.'
"this is not marked and shows double quotes."
''this is marked as emphasised with em tags.''
""this is marked with (left and right) quotes with q tags"".

Moreover other inline markup can be used within twin double quotes:
""''this is a quote with emphasis.''""  as one example.

As to Pm's concern:
> I'm concerned a change to core might match code display segments
> where a single "" represents an empty string.

As proposed it would not match occurrences of two double quotes
(a "") in code blocks (escaped code) or in conditional markup
directives etc.

It would not even match use of two double quotes written outside code
blocks if written for example like this:
$SomeVar = ""; $AnotherVar = "";
(because of the space before the second "")

In contrast, if you write
$SomeVar = ''; $AnotherVar = '';
the part between the two instances of single quotes will be wrapped in
<em> tags (because the markup definition does not check if the two
left single quotes are followed by a space, or the two right single
quotes are preceded by a space).

Will authors use such quote markup? I think they will as likely use
it, as they use the markup for emphasis, once it is available and

I see no need to complicate a quote markup, introducing asymmetries,
like '"quote"' or "'quote'" or others like this, as it may well be
introducing confusion. Two double quotes is quick and can be
remembered as easily as two single quotes for emphasised text.


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