[pmwiki-users] quoted text markup

Hans design1 at softflow.uk
Tue Sep 20 14:07:50 CDT 2016

> I think I'd prefer this as a recipe (or an addition to an existing
> recipe) rather than core for now.

of course that is always an option.

> I'm concerned a change to core might match code display segments
> where a single "" represents an empty string.

would code segments not be written inside [@   @] markup, i.e.
as escaped code?

My markup suggestion could be tightened a bit disallowing spaces after
"" start and before "" end. That would make it less likely to catch
single instances of  ""

something like this:


> I also don't know how widely this feature would be used; I suspect
> most people will still end up writing "This is a quote" rather than ""This is a quote"".

Yes, but some people would like to see smart quoting. And using <q>
tags would make that possible.

I guess there are two common types of using double quotes:
A) as a way to "quote", in which case <q> tags would be good,
B) as a way to emphasise a word, in which case <em> tags would be
good, and PmWiki allows this using two single quotes.


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